Sunday, February 1, 2009

McQ it's true

Just two more days til British Designer Alexander McQueen debuts his line at Target! Any designer willing to offer looks for less deserves major love. Though hopefully this one won't sell out like crazy like proenza's line.

Line hits stores March 4 through April 11.
Video is slightly creepy, but the clothes make up for it.

And just because i lovee mcQ's, Steve McQueen:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

After seeing "The curious case of Benjamin Button," I just had to find more about Brad Pitt's outfits, he had some really beautiful clothes. Just who is the wardrobe director?

A nicely deliberate allusion to old hollywood. It always seems that back in those days women had more allure and men were classier, especially these men;

ahhhhh Gregory Peck <3 <3

Friday, July 25, 2008

Can't Stop Looking

Manish Arora has just become one of my favorite designers.
His designs are so visually striking and his attention to detail so incredible, it seems impossible not to admire him.
Seen here are two designs from his 07/08-F/W collection.

The swirling gold feathering and the intensely beaded top make for one eye catching entity. Plus I love cape jackets, or any other kind of cape actually.
He was a part of the first New Dehli Fashion Week. He also showed during London Fashion Week 2005. He even collabed with Reebok in 07.

His latest collection, shown during Paris Fashion Week, has been just as intriguing.

Winged Armor

Thursday, July 24, 2008

psshh who needs Love when you got Slimane?

OK so is it weird that the only reason I even want to look at this boo>is because Hedi Slimane is a part of it? I could really care less about Courtney Love.,
Working with Visionaire and V magazine, Hedi Slimane takes black and white portrait shots of Love. I'm not sure why though...

But perhaps she has some odd allure to her that every one can pick up on, and to which I have yet to discover. Maybe by looing at this book, I'll gain a new perspective on this woman.

Or maybe not, and for $80 I can't afford to take that chance.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cage Fighter Time!

First brought to my attention by SusieBubble, looking so cute with her interpretation, "Body Cages" have been spotted on both couture and pret-a-porter runways.
For Berlin Fashion week, Karstadt New Generation Award provided spectators with a looser, much softer version similar to Jean Paul Gaultier "Body Cage." Between the two I say I can't decide which I like more. JPG's has a defined silhouette which I quite like, but the one from KNGA looks so comfortable. Plus to have the body cage at all provides structure, so is JPG's too strict?

Now I can look like a cage fighter wherever I go.

Anyway, so far I've been more into the menswear at Berlin Fashion Week then the womenswear, especially Michalsky's. Or maybe thats just because the cute models are confusing my judgement.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Looking over Berlin

"Berlin is the world center of the arts."
A concert pianist once told me that.

I have yet to fully mull over Berlin Fashion Week 2008/2009, but I have to say I was a bit disappointed. There was alot of streetwear when I was really hankering for some concept designs. It felt like a repeat of trends already seen. Many of the designs were fun and bright, perfect for summer. But I don't know if they reflected the musician's high praise. I feel like there must be this vast array of talent that didn't have a chance to be seen. Surely there are designers that weren't a part of the "Mercedes Fashion Week" that did not get to have the same coverage.
Who knows, maybe they were as tired of the sponsors as I was.
I hate how there was an "Olympus" Fashion Week, and and "Mercedes" one. But I guess if this allows for the shows and the hardwork to be seen, I guess its worth it...

Sorry about the rant :P

Berlin Prints

Berlin Fashion week continued, with C. Neeon showing off the geometric print.

I think its a cool trend, following the whole 80's route. But I am wary of the extremes, which is where all trends go before they die. In truth the geo print is groovy, but I prefer it to be paired down a bit; partly because they tend to make me zone out.

Me by the end of Fall/Winter